CTEN, Helping the ordinary…

This missions thing is all new to us. Although Jessica and I have been helping and serving with missionaries since before we met, we have never officially been missionaries until now.

Why the move to missions?

Honestly, I (John) never really thought of myself as a missionary type. I just didn’t know what missionaries did. In 2006 I went to Taiwan as a missions partner with OMF. One of the long term missionaries in Kaohsiung offered the program as a sort of “feel out missions” program. All the partners were English teachers, as that was our only way to make money. After Jessica and I were married in 2008, I continued to teach English as a way to make money. We lived in Taiwan until 2012, when we moved back to the states.

We always knew we would go back to Taiwan. The big question was, did I want to continue to teach English full time when we did so? Teaching was, and is still one of my favorite things, it really is something God created me to do. The only thing is that my teaching options in Taiwan are limited to after school English schools, known as Cram Schools. I would teach from 1:00 pm to 9:30 pm. This really limits time to interact with local people. I always remember glancing out the window of my school, during the hours of 7-9, when people are out getting dinner and doing things, and thinking, wouldn’t it be great to be on the same schedule as them.

We chose CTEN, (Commission to Every Nation) as our missionary home because of the fit with us as individuals. We fit into a different role, and so we chose to partner with a different type of missions agency. Next weekend September 10th we leave for our orientation with CTEN in Kerrville, TX.

We look forward to returning to Taiwan, and beginning our interactions with those God will bring into our path. We are just ordinary people, living an extraordinary life as God takes us on his planned detour.




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