Wrong turns

“Are we making our own way, or are we following God’s way?”

Living in Pennsylvania I see many people who at one time came from a Christian tradition. I mean this is probably one of the biggest problems with the US right now, the fact that few people who confess to be Christian actually follow Christ.

The great Paradox of Christianity is the fact that, enslavement to Christ leads to freedom of the soul. Freedom in the world, and following the desires of the heart leads to enslavement.

I wonder sometimes if people understand that the hand they hold is the hand that is holding them down. They have joined with the world, they have refused to follow the  detour signs that God has placed in their path and instead are looking to all these other roads to get to the goal they desire.

I get off course. I know it first in my heart of all places. The pull of God on my soul is like a GPS telling me I am going the wrong way. I dislike it, or I even hate that voice. “I want to go this way, I don’t care.” But in the end, I’m sorry for my selfishness. It hurts to leave God’s detour. This has to be the idea of picking up ‘our cross.’ It hurts to die to self, to give up control, but in the end it leads to peace in your soul as you learn to sit back, relax and let God direct your way.

If you are off course, and are stuck in all these things that keep you from your destination, I urge you to seek God. Just a prayer, a quick prayer, will start your course back to God. He’s always waiting for you. Stop ignoring his voice, it’s not a voice of judgement or condemnation, but a voice that leads to life.

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