Working on that departure date.

When is the right time to leave for full time missions?

This is not a simple question to answer. There are a few variables that must be included.


The easiest part to see clearly is where we are financially. Do we have enough financial support to make it in Taiwan?  The answer right now is no. We are nearing 60% of our support raised, but not finished yet.


When should I stop working and raise funds full time? Although work is important and it pays the bills right now, there will be a time when work will hinder our chances to raise funds, and visit our supporters.

Plane tickets then Visas

A visa is needed for John to enter Taiwan, and then will be converted into a long term Alien Resident Card – or ARC – for short. To get a visa, one must first show airline tickets to and from Taiwan. There are no one way entries for foreign passport holders, even if you are married to a Taiwanese.

Our plan

I know that as the summer nears, we will have a stronger and stronger desire to get moving to Taiwan. Can we raise the last half of our support in that amount of time? It will be challenging, but I know that God will continue to prepare us, and lead us to supporters who are willing to partner with us. When God gives the word, jobs, visas, tickets and plans will fall into place.


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