Building that deep foundation

Missions. What does that mean? Mission to do what? Help people? Help people learn English, or help them get better jobs?

Or is missions really also about the people who are helping to build the foundation of the mission. As new missionaries, we are still learning the fine art of foundation building.

Foundations are deep.

As the starting point for any construction, the foundation needs to be deep, so that the building can weather the storms of life. In Taiwan I remember seeing at the construction sites a crane, repeatedly pulling this huge thing up and then dropping it down to slosh into this muddy hole. I soon realized that this was foundation construction of the slurry wall. This slow process was the work to get down to the bedrock, the firm foundation and would provide water proofing for the basement. If the building was going to be 30 stories high it was also going to need a huge basement for parking and able to withstand the multiple earthquakes and typhoons that would hit it every year.

So it is with our missions foundation. The funds being raised are not as useful as the long lasting foundational relationships that we are building with you. It’s a two way street. The blessings that flow through you to the people we are serving, also flow back through us, to you. This is the key to success. You get to enjoy the building of the missions foundation, and then you also get to enjoy the people who are living and using that finished missions structure.

There is Joy in constructing, and Joy in knowing that what you helped build is being used well by others.


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