If you want to learn Chinese, here are a few tried and true resources to get you started.

Chinese Pod, learn mandarin on your terms.

The original, the one I started with back in 2006, is still around. It charges $14 a month for the basic subscription. If you subscribe for a month, you can download MP3 lessons, and the PDF files that go along with them. Then you can cancel your account, and just use the lessons you downloaded. 

  • Subscribe 1/month $14
  • Download MP3s and PDFs
  • Listen to one to three MP3s a week, and read along in PDF printout
  • Listen multiple times, and speak along while memorizing the sentences.

Kids Chinese Podcast


This is a good podcast for the younger learner. I listened to it for a while and found some of the English pronunciation to be quite amusing. 

6 Months for $19.98 

Rather fair price and I’m sure you could download most of them and use them for a longer time.


These are my own recommendations, try them out and let me know what you think. Please feel free to ask me any questions.