Taiwan is a foodie paradise. Not only is the food delicious, but it is cheap and plentiful.  These are some of our favorite foods from our travels across Taiwan.

鐵板牛排飯 – Hot Plate Steak

Taiwan has few cattle, and little land to raise beef for steaks. However, you can enjoy a delicious and cheap steak on a hot plate in most night markets. Pick your choice of noodles or rice, pepper sauce or sweeter red sauce. The frying egg is standard.


 臭豆腐 – Stinky Tofu 

Taiwan’s most controversial and often discussed food is Stinky Tofu. The smell, reminiscent of a pig farm, either draws you in or causes you to flee in fear.  Tofu is normally quite bland, but stinky tofu manages to fix that with a slight zing that must have been imparted from the stinky substance it floated in during creation.  If you are new to Taiwan, this treat will be offered to you. Taiwanese love it, and so do I.

羊肉燴飯 – Mutton gravy rice

This road side food is common and so very delicious. The Joy language school I taught at had a stand right across the street that sold this. It looked exactly like the picture below. I am so thankful that my wife knows how to make this.

羊肉燴飯 , 喔 ~~~ 超級好吃的啦 !!!


鹽酥雞 – Salty Crispy Chicken

This is one of the best things you can eat in Taiwan. Fried food heaven. This has been our movie theater date food, Saturday night fun food, and an excellent choice any time hunger strikes. It is more than just chicken. It is squid, potatoes, rice cakes, tofu cakes, vegetables, hot dogs, mushrooms and sweet potatoes all fried together with some basil leaves and dumped in a bag to be eaten with sticks.

師園鹽酥雞 (Shi Yun)
師園鹽酥雞 (Shi Yun)